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Rowdy Adventure Park Rules and Safety Suggestions


  • You must weigh a minimum of 40 lbs. and a maximum of 300 lbs (Children from 40 - 74 lbs must tandem zip with a guide, parent, or guardian!)
  • You must zip upright at all times!
  • No alcohol is allowed in the park and sober zipping is required!
  • No open-toed, slip-on shoes or flip flops are allowed. Tennis shoes, boots or secure sandals with good tread are recommended.
  • Long hair must be put up.
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables in your locked vehicle!
  • Glasses/Sunglasses are allowed.

NOTE: Pregnant Zipping is not allowed

CAUTION: If you have back or neck problems or a heart condition please consult a physician before zipping.

Release Form

Please click here to download the release form



You can email it back to us at the following email address: rowdyadventures{at}

You can also fax it in using the following fax number: (870) 274-3132

Our 2015 Season has come to an end. Our Park is now closed for the remainder of the year.